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Building materials

REXtac polymers provide the durability required by the building industry at low VOC. REXtac APAO is designed to meet the heat-resistance required by customers and flexibility at low temperature.

As a result of their inherent moisture resistance, REXtac polymers provife an exceptional water barrier in sealant formulations. Additionally, these polymers are resistant to acids, alkalis and other chemicals making them suitable for use in environments where the adhesive and sealant systems are exposed to such conditions.









Wrapping 2280 2385 E101 BG201 
 Sealants for windows

2304 2315 2535 2585

 Sealants for  garage door 2730 2732 2780
Wrapping for pipes 2730 9721
Packing for carpets 2304 2535 6723 BG201
Sealants for shower nozzles 2730 2732
Asphalt modification・Rooftop water proofing. 3460

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