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APAO(Amorohous Poly Alpha Olefin) is a copolymerized thermoplastic olefin based polymer 
with propylene homopolymers or propylene with either ethylene or butene-1.
It is possible to supply products that meet various market needs since molecular weight can be adjusted
in a relatively low molecular weight range and thermal stability is excellent.


REXtac APAO is used in various scenes

It is widely used in sanitary goods such as diapers, mattress protector, pet training pads and so on.

It is used for adhering to various automotive parts such as floor mats,

headliner component,

vibration dampening and silencing.

It is used for heating, air-conditioning, ventilation of HVAC and used for pleating, fixing frames of vehecles.

It is used for office furniture, mattress, wood working, foam materials, etc.

It is used as an elastomer modification such as EPDM.

As asphalt modification, it is used for rooftop water proofing and road construction.

REXtac APAO moisture resistance prevents water penetration into the inner insulation.


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